IMPEX provides engineering services on long-term and short-term contracts to simulator manufacturers and operators around the world. Most of our engineers have well over 30 years of experience in the simulation industry. We can upgrade training equipment of any vintage, produced by any simulator manufacturer. IMPEX specializes in cost-effective updates to meet government certification requirements and each customer�s unique training needs. Virtually all of our engineers have worked in the past with the major simulator manufacturers. They have made significant contributions to the design and development of the complete range of hardware, software and firmware subsystems used in advanced flight simulators.


Customer List:

Acme Worldwide Enterprises, Inc.                                                          Aeroservice Aviation Center, Inc.                     

Aero Simulation, Inc.                                                                                 Aeronautical Systems Engineering, Inc.

Aero Weld, Inc.                                                                                          AFT International, Inc.

Alteon Training LLC                                                                                  ALH Systems, Inc.

American Airlines, Inc.                                                                              American Systems Corporation

AMI Instruments, Inc. (L-3 Comm)                                                           Atlas Air, Inc.

Advanced Training Systems International                                              ATD                                

Bell Helicopter                                                                                           Bihrle Applied Research, Inc.

Boeing Satellite Systems, Inc.                                                                 Camber Corporation

CAE, Inc.                                                                                                    CAE SimuFlite                                         

Centre of Central Aircraft Design &Development                                 Cessna Aircraft Company

Communication Technologies, Inc.                                                         Cranfield Aerospace Limited

CRC & Associates, Inc.                                                                           CTA,Inc.             

Cubic Corporation                                                                                    DEI Services                                               

EgyptAir                                                                                                     Federal Aviation Administration - OKC

Federal Express Corporation                                                                 FlightSafety Boeing Training International

FlightSafety International, Inc                                                                  FlightSafety Services Corporation

Fox News                                                                                                  Future Design & Engineering Corporation

Garuda Indonesia P.T.                                                                            Goodrich Corporation

Indra Systems, Inc.                                                                                   J.F. Taylor, Inc.

L-3 Communications                                                                               Link Simulation & Training

Learjet, Inc.                                                                                               Lockheed Martin Corporation

Lockheed Martin Systems & Training Support                                    Loral Corporation

Macmet India, Ltd.                                                                                   Mandira Jaya Abadi, P.T.

McDonnell Douglas Corporation                                                           Mesa B&D LLC

Modern Technologies Corporation                                                       Moog FCS B.V.

Naval Air Warfare Center TSD                                                              NAS JRB Willow Grove

Northwest Airlines Training Corporation                                               Northrop Grumman Corporation

NLX Corporation                                                                                     Pan Am International Flight Academy, Inc.

Pakistan International Airlines Corporation                                          Raytheon Systems Company

Raytheon Technical Services Company                                               Redifun Stimulation, Inc.

Rockwell Collins STS, LLC                                                                    SATCO

Science Applications International Corporation                                  Signal Solutions

SimAuthor, Inc.                                                                                        SimCom

Southwest Airlines                                                                                  Spiral Aviation Training Company

SymSystems, L.L.C.                                                                               Symvionics, Inc.

THALES Training & Simulation, Inc.                                                     The Boeing Company

The First National Bank & Trust Company                                           Training Devices International, Inc.

United Parcel Service Company Aviation Training Center                USCG Aviation Training Center

USA Jet, Inc.                                                                                            Werner Enterprises, Inc.

Wong Hing Long Iron Workshop

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